Miracles: How God Intervenes in Nature and Human Affairs

By C.S. Lewis
Published by Harper One on 1947; 2015
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We live in an age of Naturalism, an age of Materialism. What we see is what there is. In a time that is post-enlightenment, post David Hume, and post-Christian the very concept of the “supernatural” is regarded as a childish and unreasonable fantasy. Miracles are nonsense ideas that go against the very grain of science and reason.

In his book Miracles, C.S. Lewis combats many of the objections raised by skeptics against the supernatural and shows how rejecting the supernatural requires one to accept a worldview that is incoherent and self-defeating. Not only does Mr. Lewis respond to the Naturalist, but he has a few words to say to the pagan as well. While portions of this book may be difficult to understand at times, C.S. Lewis makes a well-reasoned defense that only a worldview that accounts for the supernatural has any chance of being reasonable.


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