The Great Christ Comet

By Colin R. Nicholl
Published by Crossway on 2015
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Ever wondered how a single star managed to get the Magi’s attention, convince them of the birth of the Jewish Messiah, lead them on a long journey to Jerusalem, change direction and point toward Bethlehem, and then rest over the place where Jesus was born and lead the Magi straight to it?

It’s quite the mystery. For many of us, it’s understandable only as a miracle. It’s a bush burning without being consumed, or a fisherman walking on water, or a staff turning into a snake. The Bible presents us with that sort of mystery on a regular basis: there are no natural explanations for such things (that we’re aware of), so we take it by faith that God, the creator with the keys to the cosmos, simply made it so.

This book received a full review, which can be read here.

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