This Planet Will Be Theirs.” No It Won’t.

People from all walks of life, all across the world who claim abduction are reporting the exact same exact details about their experiences, including the imminence of a big change. By interpreting the narrative around these abduction reports, we discover not all is as it seems. Read Story

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Founder and editor of Gospel Vision, Co-founder of and, Christian, husband, and father of three. His professional career is in design and creative endeavors and his builder-mentality drives entrepreneurship for the purpose of adding blessing to the world. Having blogged since 2006, he is a practiced writer and thinker. He has a bachelors in Comparative Religion from the University of Washington and his high conscientiousness makes him a seeker of truth and a self-motivated learner.

In April the Oxford Student Newspaper reported on Dr Young-hae Chi, an instructor in Korean at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, who believes that invisible aliens are breeding with humans to create a hybrid species.1

In his book, Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity, Dr. Chi explains how these invisible aliens live among us, but exist in their own unseen bio-system that renders them practically undetectable. According to Dr. Chi, the aliens believe climate change is threatening the planet’s ability to sustain life and are therefore breeding with humanity to either a) create a species that can exist in harsher planetary conditions or b) create a species with increased intelligence that will function as a future leader or problem-solver.

According to Dr. Chi, the aliens are motivated by their own survival, which by proxy becomes our survival. In a lecture on this subject from 2012, Dr. Chi says

“So, they come not for the sake of us, but for the sake of them, their survival, but their survival is actually our survival as well—the survival of the entire biosphere.”

Dr. Young Hae Chi, 2012 Lecture.

A number of news outlets ran this story likely for two reasons: 1) It’s about someone in close proximity to higher tiers of academia who has made wild claims—about aliens and 2) it supports the ongoing climate change narrative in the media. However, there’s a deeper narrative that Dr. Chi is helping to unfold, whether he’s aware of it or not. The alien agenda is a demonic, false narrative that promotes a false salvation plan. The connection between aliens and demons is old news in many Christian circles. This connection is well researched, which I discuss in more detail in my article Considering the validity of Valiant Thor, a space alien from Venus who claims Christ, a Gnostic invention, or someone else?.2

In a nutshell, extra-terrestrials by definition do exist, but they are not the little green (or gray) men we tend to think of.3 They are angels and demons, beings created by God, whose natural habitat is in the Heavens (Psalm 89.6-7, Job 38:6-7, Judges 5:19-20).

So, what exactly do invisible aliens, hybrid breeding, and climate change have to do with the Gospel? Before I get to this question, allow me to share how Dr. Chi’s data is being gathered.

Alien Abduction Research Via Hypnosis

In the same lecture, Dr. Chi’s primary reference is Dr. David Jacobs, who has been studying alien abductions since the 1980s and has written five books on ufology.4 Dr. Jacobs employs a form of hypnosis on his participants in what are called regression sessions in order to extract buried memories of abduction encounters. After reading a transcript of an interview with Dr. Jacobs and listening to another hour long interview, it’s clear Dr. Jacobs is serious about his work. He is systematic, consistent, and clinical in his approach. In the interview, Dr. Jacobs reveals that he has been training Dr. Chi to perform regression therapy, specifically among Koreans and Japanese. Regardless of socioeconomic background, demographic, or geographic location, all of their participants from across the world report consistent data.5

For example, women report being artificially impregnated, then 10-12 weeks later the fetus is extracted. All of his participants are asked how they arrived in a particular room in the UFOs they were taken to. All of them report walking down a hall and turning right, every time. All of them are brought to a bed-like operating table in a specific room. From across the world, hundreds of participants, who have no relation, are reporting specific elements consistently. He claims all participants report that the aliens communicate telepathically. All reports confirm the aliens have perfect memories. There’s a hierarchy among the alien species. Human-alien hybrids exist, and can also communicate telepathically. Abductees are always transported to UFOs. Aliens are generally invisible unless they reveal themselves. The layouts within the ships are consistent. The aliens can control abductees within a small radius (6-10 feet) and force them to perform certain actions.

Another consistent report is that many abductees report that the aliens tell them a big change is coming. After the change, everyone will know their place and what they are supposed to do. When Dr. Jacobs asks the participants what the change is, no one knows or has an answer. If these participants were experiencing something psychological, they would have an answer, even if the answers were different from other participants’ answers, there would be some kind of answer. But no one gave an answer. In addition, the participants didn’t know that other participants were saying the same thing. Dr. Jacobs believes the change is a takeover that displaces humanity from being the rulers of the world. Many other ufologists believe the alien agenda is neutral or positive. Dr. Jacobs calls these people positivists, and challenges their lack of data compared to his own.

The consistency across thousands of testimonies is indisputable. Dr. Jacobs is particularly zealous about this point. Some tell him the alien abduction phenomenon is not real, but he has a mountain of consistent testimony from all across the world that says otherwise. I believe there is a phenomenon, but what exactly is it?

The interviewer, Richard Dolan, asks “is there anything humanity can do to stop this threat? Is there any hope?”

Dr. Jacobs responds “I don’t know if there is anything humanity can do in the face of this threat. People of good will need to get together and understand what is happening and try to figure out some way of dealing with it. It may be too advanced or too late to deal with it, but at least we might have some fighting chance. That is not happening.” Dr. Jacobs concludes:

“This planet will be theirs.”

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No it won't.

Dr. David M. Jacobs, expert in the abduction phenomenon.

Dr. Jacobs is right for being suspect of the supposed aliens. He is less naive than many other ufologists, but he doesn't understand precisely who or what he's dealing with. In my follow-up post about Valiant Thor (Part 2), I establish a pattern of sniffing out the new age and/or occult connection to anything regarding aliens. If new age/occult elements are involved, be assured it is demonic activity. In essence, if you dig deep enough, you'll find the connection.6 In the case of Dr. Jacobs, no digging is needed: his employment of hypnotism is the connection. Some might argue that hypnotism is a valid medical procedure compatible with Christianity, but I don't believe that is the case. Instead, it is a gateway into demonic spiritual realm. I have three reasons for this.

One, hypnosis contradicts teachings about the mind in the Bible. The very nature of hypnosis mandates the participant to empty one's mind and yield to the power of suggestion from others. However, the Bible teaches us to meditate on God's word, which is a call to deep, sincere, active thought about what it's saying. Paul says in Philippians 4:8 to think about "...whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise..." In essence, we are called to fill our mind with these things, not empty them. Additionally, we are called to take every single thought we have, captive, to obey Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5-6). The Holy Spirit works with an active mind, not a passive or emptied one. An empty mind is a vulnerable one.

Second, we have numerous testimonies from former hypnotherapists7 and new age practitioners8 who expressly advise not to engage in the practice and they testify that it opens one up to malevolent spiritual creatures and their influence. Hypnosis is potentially a form of divination, expressly forbidden by God (Deuteronomy 18:10).

Third, even in Dr. Jacobs' own experience, participants behave in ways that reflect signatures of demonic influence, namely that demons are liars and promote lies and deception. In his interview with Richard Dolan, Dr. Jacobs explains that the first regression session is always inaccurate.9 In one of his first sessions with an early participant, Dr. Jacobs' recording didn't capture the audio for that first session. Nevertheless, he remembered some specific and intriguing things that she recounted during that session. Months later after meeting with this same participant numerous times, he asked if they could redo the first session again. She agreed. When he said to her,

"Do you remember when you told me about X, Y, and Z, can you tell me about that again?"

The participant responded, "Oh I didn't actually say that, that was said by my friend Lydia. It was her that told you, not me." (emphasis mine).

Dr. Jacobs affirmed there was no other person in the room during either session. He explains that the accounts reported by participants don't solidify into something consistent until after a few more sessions. If hypnosis is meddling with the spiritual realm, which I believe it is, then Dr. Jacobs is conversing with demons, either directly or indirectly through the participant liason. Lydia was a demon and one of their signatures is to tell lies (John 8:44). I've witnessed their lying nature first-hand in deliverance meetings. This renders his data highly suspect.

I actually believe Dr. Jacobs is obtaining consistent data over multiple sessions with hundreds of participants. While many of the factual details always line up, this doesn't mean, however, the narrative that is being constructed by the data is true. A good lie has truthful aspects. Maybe the women are being impregnated (more on this later). Maybe abductees are always turning right to enter an examination room. But who are we dealing with here?

False narrative number 1: "We are space aliens"

Whether aliens are believed in or not, commonalities in all their stories are perpetuated in pop culture, ufology, and abduction reports. 1) They are beings who evolved on a distant planet and have traveled to earth for any number of reasons, usually out of need for something. 2) They are typically more evolved and/or more advanced than humanity and therefore superior. 3) A great revelation overtakes humanity that we are no longer alone in the universe. From there the stories are fairly split between them being benevolent or malevolent.

Will Smith in "Independence Day" right after a scene in which an alien crash lands after a dogfight between it and Smith's character. Smith's character opens the alien craft and yells "Welcome to earth!" while punching the alien in the face.

These elements have long been perpetuated in fiction—a palatable avenue for early demonic indoctrination. This is not a judgment against enjoying Will Smith in Independence Day, but we should be asking where the alien narrative came from. As more and more reports come out about UFOs, alien encounters, and as the culture pulls back from naturalism, these stories will become ripe sources to affirm this false narrative. The purpose of this narrative is to supplant God as the superior being in the minds of humanity.10 The other purpose of this narrative is to overwrite our collective knowledge about angels and demons (elohim). We are quick to dismiss swaths of history that discuss, in detail, humanity's dealings with the gods (elohim). Angels and demons are reduced to silly bible stories that have no basis in reality. Rebellious elohim who hate God and hate humanity likely do not want us to know who they really are or what their agenda really is.

The true, Biblical narrative of alien identities

1. They are angels, not space aliens, who rebelled against God and left their assigned dwelling in the Heavens among the stars (Jude 1:6) and have come down to earth. Their motives are unscrupulous, they want to be worshipped (Deuteronomy 32:16-17, Matthew 4:9), but they need nothing.

2. They are not evolved beings, but created beings. While it is true that humanity is lower than the angels for a little while (Hebrews 2:7), God incarnated into a man, not an angel, and those of us in Christ will be raised with Him to glory and we are even now seated with Him, above the angels, in the Heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6) and it will be Christians who judge the angels (1 Corinthians 3:6).

3. We were never alone in the universe and God has been communicating this through His Word since the beginning. God has been ever present and the angels have been around since creation imaging God in the spiritual realm as we have been imaging God in the physical realm.11 History is full of human / spirit-being encounters most of which have been rendered myth in the wake of naturalism. Plenty are recorded in the Bible, but Homer's The Odyssey may be more historical than we tend to think.

Even if the elohim have produced divine-human hybrids and even if they have built actual craft that actually leave the atmosphere, it's imperative we know precisely who they are and where they come from. They have no power over the Christian who stands in faith, who knows their position and acceptance before God, and who avoids hypnotism, divination, and new age and occult practices. The spirit-beings and hybrids cannot control the believer within a certain radius and they certainly can't abduct the true Christian because the Christian has been transferred from the domain of darkness to the Kingdom of His beloved son (Colossians 1:13).

False narrative number 2: all of humanity is threatened by X.

Sometimes the narrative is that the aliens themselves are the threat. According to Dr. Chi and some in congress, it is climate change. Humanity is ruining the planet and in 12 years, the planet will breakdown (maybe not literally in 12 years). Whatever the threat is, it's always the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

The true, Biblical narrative of humanity's greatest threat

Demons, unclean spirits, and the like do pose a serious threat (Ephesians 6:12), but they are not our greatest threat. The greatest threat to humanity is our sin (Romans 3:10-18, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23). As a result, the wrath of God awaits those who die in their sins. The final wrath of God is far more horrifying than anything else. Neither the Bible nor myself wish to undermine good stewardship over the planet. However, whatever your position is on climate change, it is not the greatest threat.

The planet will die on God's terms.

I think it's necessary to take a short detour here. God made the earth and he commanded humanity to be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth. In addition to filling the earth with more people, subduing the earth means to bring order to its chaos— to turn overgrowth into gardens, to tame animals, to study biology, to build structures, discover new materials, to harness nanotechnology, and so forth. In so doing, many have polluted and destroyed. Nevertheless, God holds the earth in his hands (Psalm 95:4), all things, including the planet, are held together by God in Christ (Colossians 1:17), and if God wanted to, he could withdraw his Spirit and all life would cease to exist (Job 34:14-15). In light of this, humanity has no power to permanently destroy the entire ecosystem, flood the whole earth by melting glaciers, or radiate the entire planet with nukes—not on our own accord at the very least. So when a famous congresswoman says on twitter we should stop having children because the world is ending due to our poor stewardship, it is hubris that comes from refusing to acknowledge God and it is in direct opposition to God's mandate to humanity. We would be wise to dismiss her, even if she was joking.

The earth will pass away (Matthew 24:25), but it will only be on God's terms. Those terms are already specified in Revelation 21:1: Heaven and earth will pass away and a new heaven and new earth will come forth immediately after the day of judgment, after God judges the living and the dead. And in case you are thinking "well the earth may prevail, but humanity will die off," leading right up to the moment before judgment, humanity continues to exist on the planet, according to Revelation. So until then, we should continue to subdue the earth (with good stewardship), get married, and have some babies.

False Narrative Number 3: humanity's salvation is directly connected to the aliens

For the positivists, we need to allow the aliens to do their thing. What exactly is their thing? According to Dr. Chi, it is to create a race of hybrids, through which a hero will arise to solve humanity's problems, or simply be a new race that can survive the impending doom. Suppose for a minute that creating hybrids is precisely what the demons are doing. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened. Genesis 6 gives us an account of the Sons of God coming down to have sex with the daughter's of men and the result is the creation of the Nephilim, part human, part divine "giants, heroes of old, men of renown". We discuss the merits of this position in Angels Which Left Their Domain.12 In addition, Michael Heiser covers it extensively in his book The Unseen Realm.

Maybe Dr. Jacobs is stumbling upon a Genesis 6-like event as he recounts numerous reports of women being abducted and impregnated, only to have their fetuses removed. According to him, "People of good will need to get together and understand what is happening and try to figure out some way of dealing with it." He is concerned about a potential takeover. If you've read an earlier post of mine, The Garden, Babel, and the Fall of the State, I piggy-back off of Michael Heiser by exploring the consequences of each nation of the world having been assigned a ruling elohim. This was God's judgment on humanity after the Tower of Babel incident, specified in Deuteronomy 32 and we get little hints of how this plays out in Daniel 10. In a sense, they've already taken over. Adam allowed that to happen in the garden. Maybe the rebellious ruling elohim or maybe hybrids or both are conspiring to steer the world into a new world order with a one world government. That is certainly a position within pre-millenialism, one of several theories of how the end times play out. Regardless, Dr. Jacobs' plea for "trying to figure something out" reveals he is painfully in the dark on these matters.

There's nothing new here. This has all happened before. Nimrod was a hybrid Nephilim that ruled over the people of Shinar and led them in rebellion against God. Though the world saw him as a hero for a time, he was no hero and was eventually destroyed. God put a hit out on hybrids and first issued the flood, then Joshua's conquest, and then eventually King David took out Goliath. They are trouble, they are not saviors.

A Borg Cube, from the Star Trek fictional universe. The Borg were an alien civilization ruled by a hive-mind called "The Collective," comprised of everyone involuntarily assimilated into itself. The Borg brought about big change in which everyone knew their place and knew what to do.

Then there's the matter of "The Big Change" coming, when "everyone will know their place and know what to do." For some, this narrative sounds nice. Isn't that our problem? We just don't know where we are supposed to be or what we are supposed to do. The Big Change is a false salvation. It actually sounds like a communist concentration camp. It's quite possible to know your place and know what you need to do and hate every minute of it. Ironically God is here right now helping his people to see where they are supposed to be and what they are supposed to do, yet we have the freedom to obey or not. Still, this isn't our main problem and to make it the main problem is a distraction.

The true, Biblical narrative of humanity's salvation

The celestial creatures have no experiential understanding of salvation. They long to look into it, to understand it, they wonder over it, but they do not know it in totality (1 Peter 1:12 and Daniel 12:5-7). The rebellious ones cannot be saved and so in their rebellious futility they'll take anyone down with them by their lust for destruction. They teach false gospels, regularly, supplanting Christ as savior so they can be the saviors or they'll champion for humanity to save themselves, anything or anyone other than Christ. Paul says even if an angel were to preach another gospel other than the one he (Paul) preached to them, they are cursed for doing so (Galatians 1:8). The Big Change, if it even exists, is cursed. Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Chi should stop performing hypnotism and stop listening to lying demons who create all kinds of false constructs. This is how Mormonism started—an angel (demon) came and preached a new "gospel" to Joseph Smith. The whole of this religion is cursed as they reject Christ as the God-man, the perfect propitiation for man's sin. The bottom line is that there is no salvation apart from Christ, as proclaimed in the Bible alone.

Our only hope is to repent and place our trust in Jesus as sacrifice required for our sins to be atoned for. And by His sacrifice, He averts the wrath of the Father. And through his resurrection, we are raised to eternal life in Heaven, where there is no more pain, sorrow, or death. Jesus says in John 16:33 that we will have tribulation, but that we should take heart because he has overcome the world. Salvation from the clutches of sin is in Christ. Salvation from the wrath of God is in Christ. Salvation from tribulation in the world is in Christ. Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband too—in Christ.

Whatever clutches of power the elohim hold now or might grasp in the future, it's temporary. They are on God's leash. The earth is God's footstool (Isaiah 66:1) and so will be all His enemies, as it is written in Psalm 110:1:

"The Lord says to my Lord: 'Sit at my right hand,
until I make your enemies your footstool.'”

It is Jesus who has now sat at the right hand of the Father and through the Church, all His enemies are being subdued. The earth shall be God's, not theirs.


Chances are good that Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Chi are unwittingly interacting with demons through hypnosis. This still affirms their own sentiments about the otherworldly nature of the data, but they've been conditioned to presuppose their sources are space aliens. Some of this data may have elements of truth intertwined, but the data is a well constructed lie intended to lead mankind to believe in the false alien identities of celestial creatures and hybrids, a false threat, and a false solution, or no solution at all.


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Chevas A. F. Balloun

Founder and editor of Gospel Vision, Co-founder of and, Christian, husband, and father of three. His professional career is in design and creative endeavors and his builder-mentality drives entrepreneurship for the purpose of adding blessing to the world. Having blogged since 2006, he is a practiced writer and thinker. He has a bachelors in Comparative Religion from the University of Washington and his high conscientiousness makes him a seeker of truth and a self-motivated learner.

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  1. There was an interesting ‘Ghost Adventures episode at the James Gilliland Ranch (a ufo and abduction ‘hotspot’) in part of the episode Zak asks the abductee if she ever used the name of Jesus to rebuke the ‘aliens’ she answered yes and sometimes it worked …and Zak commented isn’t strange that ‘aliens’ would react to the name of Jesus.
    Later Zak also met abductee Travis Walton …who now wonders if aliens were pretending to be demons or ghosts or whether demons / spirits were pretending to be aliens.

    interesting that that idea got ‘out there’ ..hope more people trust the name of Jesus whether confronted by ‘aliens’ or demons !

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